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authFullName_s : Christian Bizouard

Elliptical polarisation of the polar motion excitation

Christian Bizouard
IUGG 2015, 2015, Prague, Czech Republic. 2015
Conference poster hal-03730108v1

Polar motion interpretation using gravimetric data

Lucia Seoane , Christian Bizouard , Daniel Gambis
Journées Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels 2007, Sep 2007, Meudon, France. pp.196-200
Conference papers hal-03734768v1

Precession and nutation for a non-rigid Earth: comparison between theory and VLBI observations

Jean Souchay , Martine Feissel-Vernier , Christian Bizouard , Nicole Capitaine , Mireille Bougeard
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 1995, 299, pp.277-287
Journal articles hal-03742593v1

Atmospheric and oceanic forcing of the rapid polar motion

Christian Bizouard , L. Seoane
Journal of Geodesy, 2010, 84 (1), pp.19-30. ⟨10.1007/s00190-009-0341-2⟩
Journal articles istex hal-03337299v1

On atmospheric pressure perturbations on precession and nutations

Véronique Dehant , Christian Bizouard , Jacques Hinderer , Hilaire Legros , M. Greff-Lefftz
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 1996, 96, pp.25-39. ⟨10.1016/0031-9201(95)03112-X⟩
Journal articles hal-03786105v1

The combined solution C04 for Earth orientation Parameters, recent improvements

Christian Bizouard
International Association of Geodesy Symposia, 2008, 134, pp.330
Journal articles hal-03785944v1

Decadal atmospheric excitation of the length of day

Christian Bizouard , Olivier de Viron , L. Fernandez , David Salstein
EGU 2003, 2003, Paris, France. 2003
Conference poster hal-03803582v1

Variable atmospheric and oceanic forcing of the Chandler wobble

Christian Bizouard , Françoise Remus , Lucia Seoane , Daniel Gambis
AGU Fall Meeting, Dec 2009, San Francisco, California, United States. 2009
Conference poster hal-03803590v1

Earth Orientation Parameters from VLBI and GNSS Combined at the Normal Equation Level

Jean-Yves Richard , Sébastien Lambert , Christian Bizouard , Ole Becker
EGU2017, Apr 2017, Vienna, Austria. 2017
Conference poster hal-03803634v1

Prediction of the Chandler Wobble and Climate variability

Leonid Zotov , Christian Bizouard
IUGG 2015, 2015, Prague, Czech Republic. IUGG-0613, 2015
Conference poster hal-03803564v1

Global Combination of the Terrestrial Frame and Earth Orientation Parameters at the Observation Level. Contribution to ITRF2008 realization

Jean-Yves Richard , Daniel Gambis , Christian Bizouard , Jean-Michel Lemoine , Richard Biancale , et al.
EGU general assembly 2009, Apr 2009, Vienna, Austria
Conference papers hal-03802632v1

Prediction of UT1 and LOD Variations

Daniel Gambis , Christian Bizouard
Colloquium on the UTC Time Scale, May 2003, Torino, Italy
Conference papers hal-03743342v1

Moment impulsa atmosferi

Nikolay Sidorenkov , Christian Bizouard , Leonid Zotov , David Salstein
Priroda, 2014, 4, pp.22-28
Journal articles hal-03801679v1

Analysis of Earth's polar motion and length of day trends in comparison with estimates using second degree stokes coefficients from satellite gravimetry

Leonid Zotov , Christian Bizouard , C. K. Shum , Chaoyang Zhang , Nikolay Sidorenkov , et al.
Advances in Space Research, 2022, 69, pp.308-318. ⟨10.1016/j.asr.2021.09.010⟩
Journal articles insu-03713038v1

VLBI Intensive observations for UT1:accuracy and usability

L. Petrov , Christian Bizouard
EGU 2007, Apr 2007, Vienna, Austria
Conference papers hal-03809127v1
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High frequency variations of the earth's instantaneous angular velocity vector : determination from VLBI data analysis

S. Bolotin , Christian Bizouard , Sylvain Loyer , Nicole Capitaine
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 1997, 317, pp.601-609
Journal articles hal-03801666v1
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Rapid variations in polar motion during the 2005-2006 winter season

Sébastien Lambert , Christian Bizouard , Véronique Dehant
Geophysical Research Letters, 2006, 33, pp.13303. ⟨10.1029/2006GL026422⟩
Journal articles hal-03785260v1

Generalized Euler-Liouville equations

Christian Bizouard
EGU 2013, Apr 2013, Vienna, Austria. 2013
Conference poster hal-03724648v1

A combination of GNSS and VLBI at the Normal Equation Level over 2002-2014

Jean-Yves Richard , Sébastien Lambert , Christian Bizouard , Ole Becker , Daniel Gambis
AGU Fall Meeting, Dec 2016, San Francisco, California, United States. 2016
Conference poster hal-03724719v1

Combination at the Observation Level:contribution to ITRF2013

Jean-Yves Richard , Antoine Bellanger , Richard Biancale , Christian Bizouard , G. Bourda , et al.
EGU 2014, Apr 2014, Vienna, Austria. 2014
Conference poster hal-03803545v1

Comparative study of the EOP series derived for the second IVS Pilot Projet

Daniel Gambis , Christian Bizouard , Teddy Carlucci , D. Jean-Alexis
IVS 2002, Feb 2002, Tsukuba, Japon, Japan. 2002
Conference poster hal-03803592v1
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Positioning the Terrestrial Ephemeris Origin in the International Terrestrial Reference Frame

Sébastien Lambert , Christian Bizouard
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2002, 394 (1), pp.317-321. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361:20021139⟩
Journal articles hal-03785297v1
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A Search for the Free Inner Core Nutation in VLBI Data

Sébastien Lambert , Séverine Rosat , Xiaoming Cui , Yves Rogister , Christian Bizouard
7th IVS General Meeting, Mar 2012, Madrid, Spain. pp.370-374
Conference papers hal-00822454v1

Influence of the gravitational lunisolar torque on the atmospheric angular momentum budget.

Christian Bizouard , Sébastien Lambert
Journées 2000 - systèmes de référence spatio-temporels. J2000, a fundamental epoch for origins of reference systems and astronomical models, Sep 2000, Paris, France. pp.193-195
Conference papers hal-03734578v1

Comparison of official IVS nutation time series from VLBI analysis

Cesar Gattano , Sébastien Lambert , Christian Bizouard
SF2A-2015: Proceedings of the Annual meeting of the French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Jun 2015, Toulouse, France, France. pp.115-119
Conference papers hal-03734973v1

Comparison of VLBI nutation time series

Cesar Gattano , Sébastien Lambert , Christian Bizouard
22nd European VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astrometry (EVGA) Working Meeting, May 2015, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal. pp.205
Conference papers hal-03743595v1

WEB Tools and WEB Service of the IERS Earth Orientation Centre

Christian Bizouard , Ole Becker
The 5th IVS General Assembly, Mar 2008, Saint-Pétersbourg, Russia. pp.199
Conference papers hal-03734164v1

Angular momentum exchanges between the solid Earth and its superficial fluid layer Effects on the high frequency polar motion and nutation

Christian Bizouard , Olivier de Viron , Véronique Dehant
Journées Systèmes de Référence Spatio-Temporels 1999, Sep 1999, Dresde, Germany. pp.157-166
Conference papers hal-03743964v1

Lunisolar torque on the atmosphere and Earth's rotation

Christian Bizouard , Sébastien Lambert
Planetary and Space Science, 2002, 50 (3), pp.323-333. ⟨10.1016/S0032-0633(01)00120-9⟩
Journal articles hal-03742944v1

Why combining at the Observation Level?

Daniel Gambis , Jean-Yves Richard , Christian Bizouard
REFAG 2010, Oct 2010, Marne-la-Vallée, France, France. pp.111-117
Conference papers hal-03744243v1