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authFullName_s : D. Borgogno

Marginally stable current sheets in collisionless magnetic reconnection

C. Granier , D. Borgogno , L. Comisso , D. Grasso , E. Tassi , et al.
Physical Review E, 2022, 106, ⟨10.1103/PhysRevE.106.L043201⟩
Journal articles insu-03869673v1

Filamentation of dispersive Alfvén waves in density channels: Hall magnetohydrodynamics description

D. Borgogno , D. Laveder , T. Passot , C. Sulem , P.L. Sulem
Physics of Plasmas, 2008, 15, pp.2302. ⟨10.1063/1.2930470⟩
Journal articles hal-00382463v1
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Asymmetry effects driving secondary instabilities in two-dimensional collisionless magnetic reconnection

D. Grasso , D. Borgogno , E. Tassi , A. Pérona
Physics of Plasmas, 2020, 27, pp.012302. ⟨10.1063/1.5125122⟩
Journal articles hal-02890499v1
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Magnetic holes in plasmas close to the mirror instability

D. Borgogno , T. Passot , P. L. Sulem
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 2007, 14 (4), pp.373-383
Journal articles hal-00331101v1
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A reduced Landau-gyrofluid model for magnetic reconnection driven by electron inertia

E. Tassi , D. Grasso , D. Borgogno , T. Passot , P. Sulem
Journal of Plasma Physics, 2018, 84 (4), pp.725840401. ⟨10.1017/S002237781800051X⟩
Journal articles hal-02049658v1

Secondary instabilities in two- and three-dimensional magnetic reconnection in fusion relevant plasmas

D. Grasso , D. Borgogno , F. Pegoraro
Physics of Plasmas, 2007, 14, pp.5703
Journal articles hal-00388177v1

On the efficiency of semi-implicit schemes for dispersive magnetohydrodynamics

D. Laveder , D. Borgogno , T. Passot , P.L. Sulem
Computer Physics Communications, 2009, 180, pp.1860-1869. ⟨10.1016/j.cpc.2009.05.018⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00457409v1
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Developments in the theory of collisionless reconnection in magnetic configurations with a strong guide field

F. Pegoraro , D. Borgogno , F. Califano , D. del Sarto , E. Echkina , et al.
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 2004, 11 (5/6), pp.567-577
Journal articles hal-00302396v1

Alfvén wave propagation through a moderate-amplitude transverse inhomogeneity in a magnetized plasma

D. Borgogno , D. Laveder , T. Passot , P. Sulem
Physics of Plasmas, 2016, 23 (8), pp.082902. ⟨10.1063/1.4960998⟩
Journal articles hal-03617140v1


P. Sulem , T. Passot , D. Laveder , D. Borgogno
The Astrophysical Journal, 2016, 818 (1), pp.66. ⟨10.3847/0004-637X/818/1/66⟩
Journal articles hal-03617131v1
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Alfvén wave filamentation and dispersive phase mixing in a high-density channel: Landau fluid and hybrid simulation

D. Borgogno , P. Hellinger , T. Passot , P.L. Sulem , P.M. Trávnícek
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 2009, 16 (2), pp.275-285. ⟨10.5194/npg-16-275-2009⟩
Journal articles hal-00387937v1

Reduction of compressibility and parallel transfer by Landau damping in turbulent magnetized plasmas

P. Hunana , D. Laveder , T. Passot , P.L. Sulem , D. Borgogno
The Astrophysical Journal, 2011, 743, pp.128. ⟨10.1088/0004-637X/743/2/128⟩
Journal articles hal-00722166v1

Stable and unstable invariant manifolds in a partially chaotic magnetic configuration generated by nonlinear reconnection

D. Borgogno , D. Grasso , F. Pegoraro , T.J. Schep
Physics of Plasmas, 2008, 15, pp.2308. ⟨10.1063/1.2999539⟩
Journal articles hal-00382462v1