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Hydrous pyrolysis investigation on clay-organic interactions of standardized and natural mixtures.

P. Michel , C. Nguyen-Trung , L. Richard , M. Cathelineau , R. Michels , et al.
International Meeting, Clays in Natural & Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement, 2005, Tours, France
Conference papers hal-00022750v1

Life Cycle Impact Assessment applied to the Coastal Lagoon of Slimane (Tunisia): Seasonal variation of the Aquatic Eutrophication Potential (AEP)

R. Hadj Amor , Giuseppe Quaranta , F. Gueddari Darragi , N. Clauer
ECOLLAW, 1st Int. Conf. "Environmental Change in Lakes, Lagoons & Wetlands of the Southern Mediterranean Region", 2006, Le Caire, Egypt
Conference papers hal-00082618v1

Fractionation of rare earth elements in plants: a study of radish plants grown in separate soils of calcium smectite and illite clay minerals under a laboratory condition

S. Chaudhuri , K. Semhi , N. Clauer
EGU General Assembly 2007, Apr 2007, Vienne, Austria. pp.A-03823
Conference papers halsde-00178651v1

Predicting the diagenetic evolution of argillite repositoried based on the study of natural and experimental systems

L.N. Warr , N. Clauer , N. Liewig
2005, pp.83-87
Conference papers hal-00082188v1

Effect of thermal maturation on the K–Ar, Rb–Sr and REE systematics of an organic-rich New Albany Shale as determined by hydrous pyrolysis.

N. Clauer , S. Chaudhuri , M.D. Lewan , T. Toulkeridis
Chemical Geology, 2006, 234, 1-2, pp.169-177. ⟨10.1016/j.chemgeo.2006.04.008⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00110747v1
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Identification of remagnetization processes in Paleozoic sedimentary rocks of the northeast Rhenish Massif in Germany by K-Ar dating and REE tracing of authigenic illite and Fe oxides

A. Zwing , N. Clauer , N. Liewig , V. Bachtadse
Journal of Geophysical Research : Solid Earth, 2009, 114, pp.B06104. ⟨10.1029/2008JB006137⟩
Journal articles istex halsde-00510540v1

The Kushaim Matruk site, a natural witness of the propagation of alkaline fluids into a clayey environment: isotopic approach (C, O, Sr, Ar)

I. Techer , Serge Fourcade , Philippe Boulvais , M. Pagel , N. Clauer
2005, pp.17-18
Conference papers hal-00114581v1

A review of studies on the diagenetic evolution of the Dogger to Tithonian sedimentary sequence in the Eastern Paris Basin - Impact on the physical and chemical rock properties.

N. Clauer , S. Fourcade , M. Cathelineau , J.P. Girard , B. Vincent , et al.
Mémoires de la Société Géologique de France, 2007, 178, pp.59-71
Journal articles halsde-00259708v1

Magnetic and mineralogical alterations under thermal stress at 95°C of Callovo-Oxfordian claystones (Bure, France) and lower Dogger Mont Terri claystones (Switzerland)

J.P. Pozzi , Charles Aubourg , D. Janots , M. Cathelineau , N. Clauer , et al.
3rd Int. Meeting Clays in natural & engineered barriers for radioactive waste confinement, Sep 2007, Lille, France
Conference papers halsde-00178807v1

Effect of erosion on lateritic profiles developed on ultrabasic formations and related metal concentrations (case study of the Rivière des pirogues, New Caledonia): particulate Ni-Cr (Co) transport in river water.

C. Peiffert , M. Cathelineau , D. Traore , N. Clauer , A. Colin , et al.
Colloque Bilan et prospective du GdR Transmet, 2006, Nancy, France. pp.81-83
Conference papers hal-00089212v1

Fractures, hydrothermal alterations and permeability in the Soultz Enhanced Geothermal System.

B. Ledesert , R. Hébert , Albert Genter , D. Bartier , N. Clauer , et al.
Comptes Rendus Géoscience, 2010, 342, pp.607-615
Journal articles hal-00552012v1

Thermal history of triassic sandstones from the Vosges mountains-rhine graben rifting area, Ne France, based on K-Ar illite dating

N. Clauer , Nicole Liewig , B. Ledesert , H. Zwingmann
Clay Minerals, 2008, 43, pp.363-379. ⟨10.1180/claymin.2008.043.3.03⟩
Journal articles hal-00511682v1

Varied pathways of river-borne clay minerals in a near-shore marine region: A case study of sediments from the Elbe- and Weser rivers, and the SE North Sea.

T. Pache , O. Brockamp , N. Clauer
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 2008, 78 (3), pp.563-575. ⟨10.1016/j.ecss.2008.01.016⟩
Journal articles istex halsde-00295891v1

The Oued Belif Hematite-Rich Breccia: A Miocene Iron Oxide Cu-Au-(U-REE) Deposit in the Nefza Mining District, Tunisia

S. Decree , C. Marignac , T. de Putter , J. Yans , N. Clauer , et al.
Economic Geology, 2013, 108 (6), pp.1425-1457
Journal articles hal-01301171v1

Propagation of high-alkaline fluids in an argillaceous formation: Case study of the Khushaym Matruk natural analogue (Central Jordan)

I. Techer , H.N. Khoury , E. Salameh , F. Rassineux , C. Claude , et al.
Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 2006, 90, 1-2, pp.53-67. ⟨10.1016/j.gexplo.2005.09.004⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00077483v1

Rare-earth elemental systematics of mixed-layered illite-smectite from sedimentary and hydrothermal environments of the Western Carpathians (Slovakia).

M. Honty , N. Clauer , V. Šucha
Chemical Geology Isotope Geoscience section, 2008, 249 (1-2), pp.167-190. ⟨10.1016/j.chemgeo.2007.12.009⟩
Journal articles istex halsde-00266007v1

K-Ar age constraints on the evolution of polydeformed fold-thrust belts: the case of the Northern Appalachians (southern Quebec).

C. Sasseville , A. Tremblay , N. Clauer , N. Liewig
Journal of Geodynamics, 2008, 45 (2-3), pp.99-119. ⟨10.1016/j.jog.2007.07.004⟩
Journal articles istex halsde-00259724v1

Radioactive production and diffusional loss of radiogenic 40Ar in clays in relation to its flux to the atmosphere

A. Lerman , B.M. Ray , N. Clauer
Chemical Geology Isotope Geoscience section, 2007, 243 (3-4), pp.205-224. ⟨10.1016/j.chemgeo.2007.05.014⟩
Journal articles istex halsde-00177655v1

Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) : Preliminary evaluation of the Aquatic Eutrophication Potential of the coastal lagoon of Slimane (Tunisia)

R. Hadj Amor , Giuseppe Quaranta , F. Gueddari Darragi , N. Clauer
15th Ann. Meeting of SETAC-Europe, 2005, Lille, France
Conference papers hal-00081657v1

Mineralogy and geochemistry of the host-rock alterations associated with the Shea Creek unconformity-type uranium deposits (Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada). Part 1. Spatial variation of illite properties.

E. Laverret , Patricia Patrier Mas , D. Beaufort , P. Kister , D. Quirt , et al.
Clays and Clay Minerals, 2006, 54,3, pp.275-294. ⟨10.1346/CCMN.2006.0540301⟩
Journal articles hal-00089194v1

K-Ar evidence for a Mesozoic thermal event superimposed on burial diagenesis of the Upper Silesia Coal Basin.

J. Srodon , N. Clauer , M. Banas , A. Wojtowicz
Clay Minerals, 2006, 41, 2, pp.669-690. ⟨10.1180/0009855064120212⟩
Journal articles hal-00089201v1

K-Ar dating and stable isotope tracing of illite associated with the Sea Creek unconformity-type uranium deposits (Athabasca Basin, Canada).

E. Laverret , N. Clauer , A. Fallick , Patricia Patrier Mas , D. Beaufort , et al.
"Bridging Clays" Joint meeting CMS/GFA, 2006, Oléron, France. pp.164
Conference papers hal-00089209v1

Transfers of rare-earth elements from two types of soils to two species of plants

K. Semhi , S. Chaudhuri , N. Clauer
3rd EGU General Assembly, 2006, Vienne, Austria. pp.EGU06-A-01914
Conference papers hal-00083168v1

Impact of termite activity on soil environment: A perspective from their soluble chemical components.

K. Semhi , S. Chaudhuri , N. Clauer , J.L. Boeglin
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2008, 5 (4), pp.431-444
Journal articles halsde-00348671v1

Response of clastic sediments to episodic hydrothermal fluid flows in intramontane troughs: a case study from Black Forest, Germany

A. Schlegel , O. Brokamp , N. Clauer
European Journal of Mineralogy, 2007, 19 (6), pp.833-848. ⟨10.1127/0935-1221/2007/0019-1768⟩
Journal articles halsde-00259706v1

Origin and migration timing of hydrothermal fluids in sedimentary rocks of the Paraná Basin, South America

L.G. Sant'Anna , N. Clauer , U.G. Cordani , C. Riccomini , V.F. Velázquez , et al.
Chemical Geology, 2006, 203, 1-2, pp.1-21. ⟨10.1016/j.chemgeo.2005.11.009⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00078723v1

Episodic mineralization of hydrothermal illite in the Soultz-sous-Forêts granite (Upper Rhine Graben, France).

A. Schleicher , L.N. Warr , B. Kober , E. Laverret , N. Clauer
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 2006, 152, 3, pp.349-364. ⟨10.1007/s00410-006-0110-7⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00110769v1

Mesozoic hydrothermal impact on Rotliegende and Bunter immature sandstones of the High Rhine trough and its adjacent eastern area (southern Black Forest, Germany)

O. Brockamp , A. Schlegel , N. Clauer
Sedimentary Geology, 2011, 234 (1-4), pp.76-88. ⟨10.1016/j.sedgeo.2010.12.001⟩
Journal articles istex insu-00576941v1

A review of studies on the diagenetic evolution of the Dogger-to-Tithonian sedimentary sequence in the eastern Paris Basin - Impact on the physical and chemical rock properties

N. Clauer , Serge Fourcade , M. Cathelineau , Jean-Pierre Girard , Benoît Vincent , et al.
P. Lebon. : A multi-disciplinary approach to the eastern jurassic border of the Paris basin (Meuse/ Haute Marne, Société Géologique de France, pp.59-71, 2007, Mémoire de la Société Géologique de France, n.s., n°178
Book sections insu-00197324v1

Chemical and isotopic constraints to varied formation processes for the brines of different deeps in the Red Sea.

M. C. Pierret , Delphine Bosch , G. Blanc , N. Clauer , Pierre Anschutz
10th European Union of Geosciences, The European Union of Geosciences, Mar 1999, Strasbourg, France
Conference papers hal-03942984v1