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authFullName_s : Pauline Poinot

The Challenging Detection of Nucleobases from Pre-accretional Astrophysical Ice Analogs

Alexander Ruf , Justin Lange , Balkis Eddhif , Claude Geffroy , Louis Le Sergeant D’hendecourt , et al.
The Astrophysical journal letters, 2019, 887 (2), pp.L31. ⟨10.3847/2041-8213/ab59df⟩
Journal articles hal-02468396v1

Searching for organic compounds in the Universe

Pauline Poinot , Claude Geffroy Rodier
Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2015, 65, pp.1-12 ⟨10.1016/j.trac.2014.09.009⟩
Journal articles hal-01360200v1

2-Acetamido-2-deoxy- l -iminosugar C -Alkyl and C -Aryl Glycosides: Synthesis and Glycosidase Inhibition

Balkis Eddhif , Justin Lange , Nadia Guignard , Yann Batonneau , Jonathan A. Clarhaut , et al.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018, 2018 (40), pp.5477-5488. ⟨10.1002/ejoc.201800678⟩
Journal articles hal-02172201v1

In situ targeted activation of an anticancer agent using ultrasound-triggered release of composite droplets

Sergii Kolodych , Chloé Michel , Sébastien Delacroix , Oleksandr Koniev , Anthony Ehkirch , et al.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2017, 142, pp.2-7. ⟨10.1016/j.ejmech.2017.03.057⟩
Journal articles hal-02174984v1

Impact of operation conditions, foulant adsorption, and chemical cleaning on the nanomechanical properties of ultrafiltration hollow fiber membranes

Audrey Allavena , Sylvie Liu , Thomas Ribette , Ninette Abou Mrad , Thierry Chiavassa , et al.
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2018, 549, pp.34-42. ⟨10.1016/j.colsurfa.2018.04.003⟩
Journal articles hal-02121394v1

Development and evaluation of β-galactosidase-sensitive antibody-drug conjugates

Sergii Kolodych , Chloé Michel , Sébastien Delacroix , Oleksandr Koniev , Anthony Ehkirch , et al.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2017, 142, pp.376 - 382. ⟨10.1016/j.ejmech.2017.08.008⟩
Journal articles hal-01649358v1
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A Novel Proteomics-Based Strategy for the Investigation of Peptide Sequences in Extraterrestrial Samples

Justin Lange , Fabiola Djago , Balkis Eddhif , Quentin Remaury , Alexander Ruf , et al.
Journal of Proteome Research, 2020, 20 (2), pp.1444-1450. ⟨10.1021/acs.jproteome.0c00700⟩
Journal articles hal-03052767v1
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A mechanically interlocked molecular system programmed for the delivery of an anticancer drug

Romain Barat , Thibaut Legigan , I. Tranoy-Opalinski , Brigitte Renoux , Elodie Peraudeau , et al.
Chemical Science, 2015, 6 (4), pp.2608-2613. ⟨10.1039/c5sc00648a⟩
Journal articles hal-03127729v1
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A dendritic β-galactosidase-responsive folate–monomethylauristatin E conjugate

Jérôme Alsarraf , Elodie Peraudeau , Pauline Poinot , I. Tranoy-Opalinski , Jonathan Clarhaut , et al.
Chemical Communications, 2015, 51 (87), pp.15792-15795. ⟨10.1039/C5CC05294G⟩
Journal articles hal-03127679v1
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Phosphine-Mediated Bioconjugation of the 3′-End of RNA

Camélia Kitoun , Matthieu Fonvielle , Nicolas Sakkas , Manon Lefresne , Fabiola Djago , et al.
Organic Letters, 2020, 22 (20), pp.8034-8038. ⟨10.1021/acs.orglett.0c02982⟩
Journal articles hal-02996863v1

Development of liquid chromatography high resolution mass spectrometry strategies for the screening of complex organic matter: Application to astrophysical simulated materials

Balkis Eddhif , Audrey Allavena , Sylvie Liu , Thomas Ribette , Ninette Abou Mrad , et al.
Talanta, 2018, 179, pp.238 - 245. ⟨10.1016/j.talanta.2017.11.008⟩
Journal articles hal-01930493v1
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A β-Cyclodextrin-Albumin Conjugate for Enhancing Therapeutic Efficacy of Cytotoxic Drugs

Chad Plumet , Rémi Châtre , Fabiola Djago , Elodie Péraudeau , Quentin Blancart-Remaury , et al.
Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2022, 33 (6), pp.1138-1144. ⟨10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.2c00182⟩
Journal articles hal-03765739v1

Targeting the tumour microenvironment with an enzyme-responsive drug delivery system for the efficient therapy of breast and pancreatic cancers

Brigitte Renoux , Florian Raes , Thibaut Legigan , Elodie Péraudeau , Balkis Eddhif , et al.
Chemical Science, 2017, 8 (5), pp.3427-3433. ⟨10.1039/C7SC00472A⟩
Journal articles hal-02174996v1

Controlled Release of a Micelle Payload via Sequential Enzymatic and Bioorthogonal Reactions in Living Systems

Karine Porte , Brigitte Renoux , Elodie Péraudeau , Jonathan A. Clarhaut , Balkis Eddhif , et al.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58 (19), pp.6366-6370. ⟨10.1002/anie.201902137⟩
Journal articles hal-02115783v1
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Integrative analytical workflow to enhance comprehensive analysis of organic molecules in extraterrestrial objects

Coline Serra , Justin Lange , Quentin Blancart Remaury , Ramzi Timoumi , Grégoire Danger , et al.
Talanta, 2022, 243, pp.123324. ⟨10.1016/j.talanta.2022.123324⟩
Journal articles hal-03586508v1
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Induced-volatolomics for the design of tumour activated therapy

Rémi Châtre , Estelle Blochouse , Rony Eid , Fabiola Djago , Justin Lange , et al.
Chemical Science, 2023, 14 (18), pp.4697-4703. ⟨10.1039/d2sc06797h⟩
Journal articles hal-04098727v1
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In vivo synthesis of triple-loaded albumin conjugate for efficient targeted cancer chemotherapy

Rémi Châtre , Justin Lange , Elodie Péraudeau , Pauline Poinot , Stéphanie Lerondel , et al.
Journal of Controlled Release, 2020, 327, pp.19 - 25. ⟨10.1016/j.jconrel.2020.08.008⟩
Journal articles hal-03491375v1
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Data-Driven UPLC-Orbitrap MS Analysis in Astrochemistry

Alexander Ruf , Pauline Poinot , Claude Geffroy , Louis Le Sergeant D’hendecourt , Grégoire Danger
DPS, Sep 2019, Geneva, Switzerland
Conference papers hal-02412698v1

Development of extraction and analytical strategies for investigation of aromatic hydrocarbons in apples

Alice Paris , Jean-Luc Gaillard , Jerome Ledauphin , Pauline Poinot
Forum Annuel de la Société Française de Toxicologie Génétique : exposition, evaluation des risques et effets sur la santé, Jul 2015, Caen, France
Conference poster hal-02148975v1
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TCA precipitation and ethanol/HCl single-step purification evaluation: One-dimensional gel electrophoresis, bradford assays, spectrofluorometry and Raman spectroscopy data on HSA, Rnase, lysozyme - Mascots and Skyline data

Balkis Eddhif , Nadia Guignard , Yann Batonneau , Jonathan A. Clarhaut , Sébastien Papot , et al.
Data in Brief, 2018, 17, pp.938-953. ⟨10.1016/j.dib.2018.01.095⟩
Journal articles hal-02169942v1
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Stimuli‐Responsive Catenane‐Based Catalysts

Adrien Bessaguet , Quentin Blancart-Remaury , Pauline Poinot , Isabelle Opalinski , Sébastien Papot
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2022, ⟨10.1002/anie.202216787⟩
Journal articles hal-03919984v1

Study of current analytical strategies for the dual investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene in apples

Pauline Poinot , Fan Qin , Melanie Lemoine , Vanessa Yvon , Jerome Ledauphin , et al.
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 2014, 35 (2), pp.83-93. ⟨10.1016/j.jfca.2014.06.003⟩
Journal articles hal-01194717v1

Study of a novel agent for TCA precipitated proteins washing - comprehensive insights into the role of ethanol/HCl on molten globule state by multi-spectroscopic analyses

Claude Geffroy-Rodier , Balkis Eddhif , Justin Lange , Nadia Guignard , Yann Batonneau , et al.
Journal of Proteomics, 2018, 173, pp.77 - 88. ⟨10.1016/j.jprot.2017.11.016⟩
Journal articles insu-01823781v1

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fruits and vegetables: Origin, analysis, and occurrence

Alice Paris , Jerome Ledauphin , Pauline Poinot , Jean-Luc Gaillard
Environmental Pollution, 2018, 234, pp.96-106. ⟨10.1016/j.envpol.2017.11.028⟩
Journal articles hal-02122572v1