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The far future of exoplanet direct characterization

Jean Schneider , Alain Leger , Malcolm Fridlund , Glenn White , Carlos Eiroa , et al.
Astrobiology, 2010, 10 (1), pp.121-126. ⟨10.1089/ast.2009.0371⟩
Journal articles hal-00426733v1

The absolute solar spectral irradiance from 200 to 2500nm as measured by the SOLSPEC spectrometer with the ATLAS and EURECA missions

Gérard Thuillier , Michel Hersé , P.C. Simon , D. Labs , H. Mandel , et al.
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth Part C Solar Terrestrial and Planetary Science, 2000, 25 (5-6), pp.375-377. ⟨10.1016/S1464-1917(00)00035-0⟩
Journal articles istex insu-01628273v1
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Towards open and reproducible multi-instrument analysis in gamma-ray astronomy

C. Nigro , C. Deil , R. Zanin , T. Hassan , J. King , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2019, 625, pp.A10. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/201834938⟩
Journal articles cea-02129828v1
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Discovery of the VHE gamma-ray source HESS J1832-093 in the vicinity of SNR G22.7-0.2

A. Abramowski , Fabio Acero , F. Aharonian , F. Ait Benkhali , A. G. Akhperjanian , et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2015, 446, pp.1163-1169. ⟨10.1093/mnras/stu2148⟩
Journal articles in2p3-01085027v1

TESS Asteroseismology of the Known Red-giant Host Stars HD 212771 and HD 203949

Tiago Campante , Enrico Corsaro , Mikkel Lund , Benoit Mosser , Aldo Serenelli , et al.
The Astrophysical Journal, 2019, 885 (1), pp.31. ⟨10.3847/1538-4357/ab44a8⟩
Journal articles hal-02405779v1
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The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs

A. Kaminski , T. Trifonov , J. A. Caballero , A. Quirrenbach , I. Ribas , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2018, 618, pp.A115. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/201833354⟩
Journal articles hal-02393174v1

High precision astrometry mission for the detection and characterization of nearby habitable planetary systems with the Nearby Earth Astrometric Telescope (NEAT)

Fabien Malbet , Alain Léger , Michael Shao , Renaud Goullioud , Pierre-Olivier Lagage , et al.
Experimental Astronomy, 2012, 34 (2), pp.385-413. ⟨10.1007/s10686-011-9246-1⟩
Journal articles hal-00620712v1

A wide-orbit giant planet in the high-mass b Centauri binary system

Markus Janson , Raffaele Gratton , Laetitia Rodet , Arthur Vigan , Mickaël Bonnefoy , et al.
nat, 2021, 600 (7888), pp.231-234. ⟨10.1038/s41586-021-04124-8⟩
Journal articles hal-03585128v1

A Roadmap for the Detection and Characterization of Other Earths

Malcolm Fridlund , Carlos Eiroa , Thomas Henning , Tom Herbst , Lisa Kaltenegger , et al.
Astrobiology, 2010, 10, pp.113-119. ⟨10.1089/AST.2009.0391⟩
Journal articles hal-00522269v1
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Darwin—an experimental astronomy mission to search for extrasolar planets

Charles S. Cockell , Tom Herbst , Alain Léger , O. Absil , Charles Beichman , et al.
Experimental Astronomy, 2009, 23, pp.435-461. ⟨10.1007/S10686-008-9121-X⟩
Journal articles hal-00405897v1

Geophysical and atmospheric evolution of habitable planets

Helmut Lammer , Franck Selsis , Eric Chassefière , Doris Breuer , Jean-Mathias Griessmeier , et al.
Astrobiology, 2010, 10 (1), pp.45-68. ⟨10.1089/ast.2009.0368⟩
Journal articles hal-00470583v1
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High spatial resolution monitoring of the activity of BA supergiant winds

Olivier Chesneau , Luc Dessart , A. Kaufer , D. Mourard , O. Stahl , et al.
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-00530650v1

Revisiting the science case for near-UV spectroscopy with the VLT

Christopher J. Evans , Bruno Castilho , Piercarlo Bonifacio , Andreas Quirrenbach , Stefano Cristiani , et al.
Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VII, Jun 2018, Austin, United States. pp.86, ⟨10.1117/12.2312022⟩
Conference papers hal-02396750v1

The Solar Irradiance Spectrum at Solar Activity Minimum Between Solar Cycles 23 and 24

Gérard Thuillier , D. Bolsée , G. Schmidtke , Thomas Foujols , B. Nikutowski , et al.
Solar Physics, 2014, 289 (6), pp.1931-1958. ⟨10.1007/s11207-013-0461-y⟩
Journal articles hal-00927136v1

Solar Irradiance Reference Spectra

Gérard Thuillier , Linton Floyd , Thomas N. Woods , Richard Cebula , Ernest Hilsenrath , et al.
Judit M. Pap, Peter Fox, Claus Frohlich, Hugh S. Hudson, Jeffrey Kuhn, John McCormack, Gerald North, William Sprigg, S. T. Wu (eds). Solar Variability and Its Effects on Climate, American Geophysical Union, pp.97-110, 2004, 9780875904061. ⟨10.1029/141GM13⟩
Book sections hal-01628675v1

The Mice at play in the CALIFA survey

Vivienne Wild , Fabian Rosales-Ortega , Jesus Falcón-Barroso , Rubén García-Benito , Anna Gallazzi , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2014, 567, pp.A132. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/201321624⟩
Journal articles hal-02544286v1
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First VLTI/MIDI observations of a Be star: Alpha Arae

O. Chesneau , A. Meilland , T. Rivinius , Ph. Stee , S. Jankov , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2005, 435, pp.275-287. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361:20041954⟩
Journal articles hal-00003844v1
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The Gaia RVS benchmark stars. I. Chemical inventory of the first sample of evolved stars and its Rb NLTE investigation

E. Caffau , P. Bonifacio , S. A Korotin , P. François , R. Lallement , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2021, ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/202140808⟩
Journal articles obspm-03226210v1
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Long Baseline Interferometry of Be Stars

Olivier Chesneau , Thomas Rivinius
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-00012522v1

Co-evolution of atmospheres, life, and climate

John Lee Grenfell , Heike Rauer , Franck Selsis , Lisa Kaltenegger , Charles Beichman , et al.
Astrobiology, 2010, 10 (1), pp.77-88. ⟨10.1089/ast.2009.0375⟩
Journal articles hal-00522608v1

The Search for Worlds Like Our Own

Malcolm Fridlund , Carlos Eiroa , Thomas Henning , Tom Herbst , Helmut Lammer , et al.
Astrobiology, 2010, 10, pp.5-17. ⟨10.1089/AST.2009.0380⟩
Journal articles hal-00522640v1

Origin and Evolution of Life on Terrestrial Planets

A. Brack , G. Horneck , C. S. Cockell , A. Bérces , N. K. Belisheva , et al.
Astrobiology, 2010, 10, pp.69-76. ⟨10.1089/AST.2009.0374⟩
Journal articles hal-00522617v1

Optical spectroscopy of Blazars for the Cherenkov Telescope Array

Paolo Goldoni , Santiago Pita , Catherine Boisson , W. Max-Moerbeck , Eli Kasai , et al.
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-03066238v1
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The close circumstellar environment of the semi-regular S-type star Pi^1 Gruis

Stéphane Sacuto , Alain Jorissen , Pierre Cruzalèbes , Olivier Chesneau , Keiichi Ohnaka , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2008, 482, pp.561. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361:20078306⟩
Journal articles hal-00266023v1
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Thimothy R. Bedding , Hans Kjeldsen , Tiago L. Campante , Thierry Appourchaux , Alfio Bonanno , et al.
The Astrophysical Journal, 2010, 713 (2), pp.935-949. ⟨10.1088/0004-637X/713/2/935⟩
Journal articles hal-00475239v1
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The B-Star Exoplanet Abundance Study: a co-moving 16–25 M Jup companion to the young binary system HIP 79098

Markus Janson , Ruben Asensio-Torres , Damien André , Mickaël Bonnefoy , Philippe Delorme , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2019, 626, pp.A99. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/201935687⟩
Journal articles hal-03040519v1
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BEAST detection of a brown dwarf and a low-mass stellar companion around the young bright B star HIP 81208

Gayathri Viswanath , Markus Janson , Raffaele Gratton , Vito Squicciarini , Laetitia Rodet , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2023, 675, pp.A54. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/202346154⟩
Journal articles hal-04208394v1

State of the Field: Extreme Precision Radial Velocities

Debra A. Fischer , Guillem Anglada-Escude , Pamela Arriagada , Roman V. Baluev , Jacob L. Bean , et al.
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2016, 128 (964), ⟨10.1088/1538-3873/128/964/066001⟩
Journal articles hal-01440740v1
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TOPoS VI. The metal-weak tail of the metallicity distribution functions of the Milky Way and of the Gaia-Sausage-Enceladus structure

P Bonifacio , L Monaco , S Salvadori , E Caffau , M Spite , et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2021, ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/202140816⟩
Journal articles obspm-03226191v3

Deciphering Spectral Fingerprints of Habitable Extrasolar Planets

L. Kaltenegger , Franck Selsis , M. Fridlund , H. Lammer , Ch. Beichman , et al.
Astrobiology, 2010, 10 (1), pp.89-102. ⟨10.1089/ast.2009.0381⟩
Journal articles hal-00405861v1